Candidate Questionnaire

Every year, we use a thorough vetting process to help produce a list of recommendations and endorsed candidates for election within the Puget Sound region.

To be considered, please fill out the form below. If you’re not sure about a question or it isn’t applicable to your office, please enter “not sure” or “not applicable.”

Note: we ask for your address for district identification purposes, and we ask for your phone and email in order to contact you directly. We value your privacy and this information will not be shared with the public.

    1. What do you currently do for a living? Please include a link to your resume and/or list any experience you think qualifies you for elected office.

    2. What do you consider to be your most significant accomplishments or contributions to your community?

    3. Are you a member of any community service-based clubs or non-profit organizations?

    4. Why do you seek elective office? What are your top priorities as an elected official? Who or what inspired you to run for office?

    5. Please list any prior electoral and/or governmental experience.

    6. Have you received or solicited endorsements at this time? If so, please list them here.

    7. Have you accepted or do you plan to accept campaign donations from PACs, large corporations, or wealthy donors? Would you pledge to only accept contributions from regular people? (No PACs, including fossil fuel, pharma, and other lobbies).

    8. Would you sign a pledge to run a clean campaign based on the issues using only researched and verified facts and statements?

    9. In your own words, please describe what socialism and capitalism mean to you, and how this outlook will inform your platform and campaign.

    10. What is your stance on safe and open access to abortions and other reproductive health services?

    11. Would you be in favor of increased parental benefits for workers, such as extended maternity/paternity leave or free childcare?

    12. What is your opinion on the McCleary decision? (K-12 funding)

    13. What is your opinion on the Hirst and Foster decisions? (Water/well rights)

    14. As an elected official, how will you approach issues relating to marginalized groups (such as the LGBTQIA community, Black/brown individuals, indigenous people, people who are neurodivergent, people with mental or physical disabilities, and lower-income groups)?

    15. If you could set the minimum wage, what would it be? Would you set a maximum wage?

    16. Do you believe in a living wage (a wage tied to inflation, cost of living, and productivity)?

    17. What is your outlook regarding law enforcement, the US military, and the roles they play in our local community, our country and throughout the world?

    18. What is your view on the concept of sanctuary cities? Do you believe local (city, county, state) resources and law enforcement (police, sheriff, state patrol) should be used to enforce federal law or assisting in federal immigration policies?

    19. Do you believe that white privilege exists? Why or why not?

    20. Define racism in your own words.

    21. Do you believe that health care is a human right? How do you envision an ideal health care system, and how will mental and reproductive health factor into this vision?

    22. What are your thoughts on feminism and the role it plays in our culture today? (Please elaborate on your opinion, if any, regarding white feminism, intersectional feminism, womanism, Black feminism, and/or trans-exclusionary feminism.)

    23. Do you think women should be paid equal to men in the same job?

    24. Do you believe climate change is impacting our world? If so, how do you believe it should be addressed? Please provide both general examples and examples specific to our region.

    25. What is your opinion on the “Green New Deal”? (Unrealistic? Unachievable without major changes to campaign finance?)

    26. How do you feel about the environmental damage caused by leaks and runoff? Should taxpayers be footing the bill for cleanups?

    27. If elected, would you consider the use of eminent domain for the purpose of protecting the environment or providing housing and other services for at-risk residents?

    28. How can a community or government address homelessness in a meaningful way? What is the right approach? If elected, what are some of the first things you would propose?

    29. What is your opinion on the recent 9th Circuit Court ruling (Martin v. Boise) which states people can’t be punished for sleeping outside when there are no adequate public shelters offered?

    30. What is your relationship with labor, unions, and worker's rights in general?

    31. How do you feel about public-sector unions? What is your opinion on the Janus decision (that a public-sector union can’t require its members to pay dues)?

    32. Which political party (or parties) are you a member of, and are you running for a partisan position as a member of a given party? If running for a non-partisan position, which party would you say you most closely align with, and why?

    33. What are your views on development? Do you support “incentives” for developers, such as waiving impact fees or providing tax breaks?

    34. Do you believe internet access is a basic necessity (like electricity, water, etc)? If possible, would you propose forming a public utility to provide high-speed internet access to residents?

    35. Do you have anything else you would like to share with us?